Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine Day !

A day when Average Joe is expected to become a Romantic Don Juan overnight

A day when the Price of Flowers become grossly inflated and you are expected to buy more than one!

A day when all good diners will be fully booked if you don't have reservations in advance.

A day when if you believed that you don't have to buy any gifts, you are screwed!

"Happy Valentine Day"

To those who are happily attached >
Welcome to the Suck!

To the rest >
Bah! Humbug

From your dearest, Scrooge Lim


Stefan S said...

i shall go into the valentine's day business

set up shop for one week, charge exorbitant prices, undercut competitors

profit profit profit

cpt john miller said...

count me in too...

richardlimjr said...

er ur peak period will only be once a year hor!