Wednesday, January 04, 2006

when are you getting married ah ?

U Know it's time when 2 of your friends from different stages of your life ask you that question "when are you getting married".

I keep getting more and more such questions from friends ... sigh I wonder how many times will this question be posted to me during the Chinese New Year ...

anyone wanna place bets ?

1-2 = pay 100 times
3-4 = pay 50 times
5-6 = pay 25 times
7-8 = pay 12.5 times
9-10 = pay 6 times
10 or above = pay 3 times
0 = house wins


Stefan S said...

so, when u getting married ah?

richardlimjr said...

argh .... dont make me ask u that question too ... same age hor : )

Stefan S said...

i'm still swinging single lol

remind me to ask you again when we meet in real life haha

richardlimjr said...

oh no no no no ... almost everyday i will get 2 people asking me that question !!