Friday, December 02, 2005

Perhaps Love ? Perhaps too lucky ?

Today I got a call from the NLB, informing me that I won the Perhaps Love Movie Tix contest. So I went down this evening to collect my ticket while returning my Dvds borrowed from NLB.

The Shocker came when the NLB staff told me that I won 4 pair of tix! and 8 posters to go with my tix! I don't even know if I will like the movie enough to even want 1 Poster.

So what will it be for you ?

4 Jacky Cheung or

or 4 Takeshi Kaneshiro

and what should i do with the 8 posters ?


dgital said...

oi..original double sided?
if yes, can pass one to me?..thanks hor!

cpt john miller said...

I take 1 can?

richardlimjr said...

it's Single side ... do u guys wwant ??

and then there are tickets for a 6 Dec screening .. wanna go ??

cpt john miller said...

Single side also can lah...