Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Overheard Today 27 Dec 2005

"The only way out will be thru my anus "

~my reply when asked if I wanna split out the tough beef that I been chewing for quite some time~


Stefan S said...

is that a demonstration of sheer determination or what?! :D

Credit Center said...

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Stefan S said...

dude, u got spam!

cpt john miller said...

Wau lau! Hope tomo's chicken wing won't end up the same fate.

richardlimjr said...

"demonstration of sheer determination"

hahaha i never thought of that before : ) but i guess it's some form of testament of my determination ba hahahaha

hehehe the beef was not done by me so not to worry about the chicken wings : )

hehehe cool my first SPAM !!