Friday, December 30, 2005

BBQ lessons learned

Had an enjoyable BBQ gathering with folks from Team Moviexclusive. But it wasn't without any glitch and listed below are some lessons learned from the BBQ experience

1. No matter if the food’s marinated, the pit’s book, the charcoals bought and the weather cleared up. There must be a lighter or match/match box to start the BBQ going. Don’t ever assumed that a simple household item is easily available at home because you never know when will Murphy Law strikes

2. Year End period is not a good time to have BBQ. It’s raining session for Singapore and chances are pretty high that the sky might just piss on your parade. Had a scary episode when it started raining at 5.30pm but lucky it ended around 6pm.

3. 2 Chicken Wings per person is an excellent gauge for consumption. But the chicken wings bag made it hard to gauge how many chicken wings that I was buying therefore resulting in too many chicken wings leftover.

4. Charcoals with advertising on their bags that claimed that they would last longer and burn stronger should be avoided. The best Charcoals are those traditions Chinese big ones that come in plain brown bags.

5. There a cool charcoal pack that starts easy by burning the bags. Good to use as starter for BBQ. Available in Carefours.

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