Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The usual A&W stop over

Every Drive trip back from KL will be incomplete without a stop over at an A&W restaurant on an overhead bridge above the expressway.

Why A&W ? cos we can't get it in Singapore anymore (seems that all their outlets are closed here)
and this trip, I had the most disappointing A&W meal of all time.

RootBeer Float - Fail (Not served in a Frosty Mug & not Cold at all)
Corny Dogs - Fail (Too Small to last more than 4 bites)
Waffle Butter - Fail (Too Hard and It's the first A&W Waffle that I can't finish)

the only thing that Pass was the Curly Fries.


Stefan S said...

Root Beer MUST always be served in a frosty mug!!!

richardlimjr said...

Of COS !! hehehe btw I have my own A&W Frosty Mug at home