Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Undecided ~ that short short film

All Fly By Night Photos seen here are from Daface

Since Blitz asked for it .. here the link to the short film I did with my Moviexclusive Pals


Just in case you don't understand what going on in the shorts, we (the four of us) are spoofing the organisers for coming out with such a strange theme "^#&$*)" and playing the bits of the participants who are cracking their heads over the theme.

Enjoy and NO! Your 5 Minutes are not refundable

the next few short films that I am thinking of making are

1) Spoof of Alien attacking Orchard RD (inspired by Linus)
2) A Basketball Match (a trip back memory lane for me)
3) A Comic Book Adaptation (from Astro City,Vol. 2 No. 1/2 — "The Nearness of You" )
4) A XXX porn with my favourite Japanese AV actress (... now don't believe in Everything U read)


Stefan S said...

so who's your favourite japanese AV actress? :P

Blitz said...

Return 5 mins of my life back!!!!

Joking :P

Thanks for sharing.

Hey the film looks really cool and I can't imagine seeing one of friends on a video show. It's pretty funny and although it's only 5 mins, I can see that you guys have put in effort on the thing as well.

If there's a chance for another video, must let me see it too! :)

sxsy16 said...

rofl laughing at the aluminium foil helmets

richardlimjr said...

(Shameless Mode) that was my idea ... it was pretty late ... think 4 or 5 am, just a couple before dateline and we need to spoof some famous sci fi moments ... in those dreadful wee hours, I came up with those helmet idea ... a homage to "Signs" ... I wasn't at the screening of the show but I heard it got one of the most laugh during the screening ... Glad tat it made U laugh too (/ Shameless Mode)