Monday, November 07, 2005

Things to Do in my lifetime CheckList

Watch Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights

Attend Comics Convention in the USA

Complete my Sky Diving Free Fall Course until I can Dive Solo

Diving with Sharks (without cages)

Stay One Night in the Ice Hotel

Ride on a husky sledge

Learn Skiing until I am at least able to go down a slope

Camel tracking at the Sahara desert

Learn Surfing at Waikiki Beach

Bungee Jumping at Queenstown

Chase a Tornado

Take photo of Ayer Rocks in the early morning and evening


Blitz said...

Wa say early in the morning see wish list before dying liao...choi! :P

richardlimjr said...

hahaha okie I will go change the title later, it's suppose to motivate one's in living his or her life to the max mah : ) but i suppose "Things to do in my life time" will do too : )

Blitz said...

Now tat sounds better ha ha

Unless you have a list similiar to Austin Power (Gold Member) :P

Stefan S said...

huskies also in my list