Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Orange Juice that Gone Baddd

just in case u don't know, I am Banned from Coke and other soft drinks (just when Vanilla Coke will be phased out soon), so don't feed me any Coke okie!

anyway today my gf walk into my room with a cup and i asked her what is she drinking and why not drink from the bottle of water i have in my room. I was told it was Orange Juice (the only other liquid stuff that I am allowed beside Water) and I left her to her drinking sesssion beside me.

afterwards, she handled over the "almost" empty cup to me to put it on the table beside me.

The First thing I noticed was that the remaining liquid left was very black and there this very familiar smell to it ... not those that would be emitted by Orange Juice ! and my detective mind started working and realized it was the Vanilla Coke that I stocked up in the fridge (U know the Vanilla Coke going to be Phased out and I will be missing it when it's gone) I turned around and told her : "Your Orange Juice gone bad, if U know what I mean"

Just Added: I went to check on my Vanilla COKE and oh my gosh! So much Gone!

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