Saturday, November 12, 2005

Fly by Night, Dead by Day (Part 2)

The most important mistake for this event (that I made) was not sleeping / able to sleep the night before. I believe I had only 4 to 5 hours of sleep before the long day ahead. So I was almost like a Zombie for the whole day and therefore the title: Fly By Night, Dead By Day!

The real fun of the filming begins when we started goofing with different movies genre in our short film. We even went all the way to Labrador Park to film some "War Scene", stalking a HDB Flat's Lift for some “Ju-On” Horror moments and creating some of our own special "fighting" effects.

The scary moments were when we were running out of battery and not sure we have enough clips for the 5 mins short film. The amazing bits were coming out with excellent impromptu ideas when time was pressing down on us.

By the time we reach Loki's place to upload all the footage onto his Computer and getting ready for editing, I was pretty burned out and in a KO State. No time to rest cos my Sister and her family will be back soon.

So it was back to running back to fetch Denise and trying to get the charger from Loki's friend (but end up getting lost in Punggol) before rushing to pick Andrew & family up

~how about using this as space ship?~
my "Ed Woods" Moments

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