Sunday, October 09, 2005

Repair Part 3

The weekend is almost over and still NO New HP For ME!

0 calls from the good people of MotoServiceOne and tried calling them but it's always busy.

Went down to ask what going on and the guy that serve me told me that my HP was repaired and there was no indication that I was supposed to receive any one for one exchange!

Was getting upset and told him what happened on Monday & Tuesday. And guess what! He went in to the technician room and came out told me that I was on the waiting list for a New HP.

He got no idea when the new HP coming and who was the guy that was supposed to call me.

Don’t it sound strange that there a sudden change from no indication that I am getting a new hp to I am on the waiting list?

Felt like that guy was going to shake his responsibilities. And I am supposed to wait for 1 week or so for the new HP! Without any indication of when the new batch of HPs will actually arrived in store.

Tomorrow, I am going to pretend to be a Hp Buying customer and see if they carry any new Rzar phones at their shops. If they do, I am going to ask the customer service again and if they pull the same crap (ie: No New HPs), I can correct them!

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