Tuesday, October 11, 2005

is The Wig made out of Scary Hair ?

Short Take : it Sux

the Plot : Dying girl don on evil wig and stop dying but become evil and wreck havoc to her sister and her sister's bf's lives

The Verdict : After Ringu (the Ring Japanese Version), we are blessed with the constant pouring of horrible horror movies which are becoming desperate and taking whatever items they can in to make a horror movie. Ref: One Missed Call - Handphone, The Wishing Stairs - Staircase and the upcoming Cello - of cos a Cello that Kills. Kinda remind me of the good old days of The Killer Tomatoes.

During the movie, a idea came to me. I thought how about doing a horror movie call “The Cinema” where people dies after watching lousy horror flicks? I posted it at MX forum and a friend who watched this movie too work on it and gave a one-paragraph setup, which I thought was quite good.

But I seriously wonder, what going thru the producers and director’s mind when this idea was pitch to them? Mind U, there a Special Collector DVD out there where the Director and other members behind this movie production that actually came together and present on their work.

Maybe they are like me, who think “The Cinema” was a cool idea, they thought that their "The Wig" was great too. ~I am not being sarcastic, I really like "The Cinema" ! ~

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