Monday, October 17, 2005

and everyone is Kungfu Fighting ...

While walking back home from Centrepoint Mac, I received a phone call from my gf; telling me that my Dad got (nearly-actually) into a fight.

The first thing that came into my mind > " must be at the JB causeway n the car must be kanna scratched or damaged"

After clarification, it turned out that my grandma's new neighbour nearly wack my Dad with a stick/pole (or rod as some claimed) and that "gangster" was waiting for him downstairs. So gotto call the Police to "save" my folks and gf from the lock in.

Of cos there are many sides to the story but I believed that what happened.

1) My Grandma told my Dad that her new Neighbour places a shoe rack that block her window.
2) Angry Dad approach Grandma's Neighbour with temper (pointing fingers and raised voice)
3) Angry Neighbour got pissed by my Dad's approach and took out a stick to wack my Dad.
4) Family members beat a hasty retreat to my Grandma's home
5) Neighbour swears that will wait for him at the void deck n challenge him to One-on-One, call the Police and that he been in Prison for 11 Years and wont Mind going back there again (which the Policemen n I don't believe at all)
6) Police came and "sort of" solved the matter. At least for now and took down their statement.
7) It turned out that the Neighbour's new tenant just moved in and place a new Shoe Rack, never expecting the whole issue to be blown up.

So the unhappy incident between my Grandma n her Neighbour came to a uneasy truce. I won't be surprise that there will be more of such incidents in the future and I can't say the fault lies with the Neighbour. The previous Indian Neighbour had police visiting them a couple of time due to my Grandma's complaints and opt to move out in the end.

Sigh tho she my Grandma but she reminds me of the Old Lady in "Duplex" and woes to whoever becomes her Neighbour.

Anyway Don’t think my Dad should try to solve my Grandma Neighbour Problems. Neither should my 4th Uncle.

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