Thursday, September 15, 2005

what's good to watch this week

Gandhi (4.5 / 5)

Just Saw Gandhi on DVD ! (borrow from National Library) Although the film was from 1982 and the fight for independence of India was many years ago, the issues that were bought up in this film are still relevant in our current time.

Now if only some of our world leaders can be more like him :doubt: Solving oppression via Non-Violence! Terrorist should learn from this guy, there a way out of oppression and spilling blood of the innocence are simply not the way to go.

Go rent it !

Russia's NightWatch (4 / 5)

The age-old struggle between good and evil (Nightwatch Vs Daywatch) in our modern world setting. Made with only US 5million, this flick pack on a stylistic fantastic visual punch with some good old gothic mystical aura to it.

Singapore's Be With Me (4 /5)

Singapore Homegrown directors film about companionship and love in the 3 stages of life, youth, middle age n the elderly twilight years. The main focus lies on Theresa Chan who is both deaf and blind, which was pretty inspirational. Watching her life history and how she lives her life in darkness and silence made me realize whatever life's troubles I had encountered seems so minor compare to hers.

The Finale will most likely leave some of the audiences in tears

Korea's A Bittersweet Life (4.5 / 5)

The best Korean film I had seen so far, I can still taste the bittersweet ness of this film after leaving the cinema. A tale of a “servant” vengeance against his “master” and secretly yearning for an unattainable love in the midst of stylistic violence (quoting my friend Patrick) and brutal mayhem.

This film reminded me of classic such as A Better Tomorrow dash with some Zen like teachings and a moody soundtrack to boost, resulting in a film not to be missed.

USA's remake The Longest Yard (2.5 / 5)

Remake that seems to serve only as a Movie vehicle for Rap star and WWE stars. No Longer as fun as previous Adam Sandler's movie like Waterboy or 50 First date

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