Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wait till you’re older (Andy Lau’s New Movie!)

~Nutshell plot~ Boy (Kong) hate that his dad for causing mom’s death and moving him into a new home with a step-mom. Kong vowed to leave home asap and cant wait to grow up. Like movies such as "Big" and "13 going on 30", little boy gets his wish and become a grown man over night.

Had very low expectation for this and during the early part of this movie, I was counting the number of films that it’s ripping off. "Matrix" and "Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate events" was 2 prominent ones that I caught.

But as the story goes on, everything seems to gel together. Especially the ending, which wasn’t the formulaic routine finale that I had predicted and it made the whole "sudden", growing up more meaningful.

Another factor that kept my interest going was why was a genuinely nice Step-Mom (Karen Mok) who had tried to put up with Kong’s constant tantrum, ended up as a home wrecker (that Kong constantly accused her of). The revelation came suddenly and rather surprising for me. The resolution of it was done well enough and emotional enough to bring tears to some (I witness it!).

The subplots such as Kong (Andy)’s crush on his teacher Miss Lee and his good friend Da Xiong’s family (who shared dinner over the internet because the mom is staying in rural area) didn’t really have a proper closure. That was scene where the older Kong asked if Da Xiong’s dad ever cheated and was given a nudge by his good friend. It seems like there was something more to it but nothing came out from it.

And Miss Lee falling for the older version of Kong was rather unbelievable. There wasn’t enough time to build any creditable romance between them and Miss Lee’s character comes across to me like a potential psychopath. This is one very weird relationship.

Anyway veterans like Karen Mok, Felix Wong and Andy Lau made it fun to watch this movie and compared to the recent HK movie, "The Myth", "Wait till you’re older" will be more worth it to catch it in Cinema.

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