Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Must watch TV: What Will U DO ?


One of Ed's old fren pass away n they found a very old video tape from their teenage years where his fren make him promise to sing a silly rock song that they created during his friend's funeral. His gf and other friends thought it was a Bad idea but Ed going to fulfill that promise to his recent deceased fren

Would u do it ? with the recent deceased's family mourning ... breaking out in a rock song ?

~ Me : I just might do it cos it's wild and a promise is a promise : ) anyone want me to sing at his or her funeral? i can promise u now : )

*update: oh the song "She a bitch but i love her" turn out to be quite good

Tru Calling

(in case u dont know, Tru got the special ability to go back in time to save someone who died when the recent deceased ask her to "Save Me")

Today EP: Everytime Tru return to save one person, she would cause the death of another person. Her confidant point out the fact that maybe the first person she wanted to save was meant to die after all. Now should Tru stop trying to save that first person or try her best to save the first person and prevent the subsequent death of others?

what would u do ?

~ me : I rather go buy 4D

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