Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Jackie Chan's The Myth

Jackie Chan plays Jack, an archeologist who having dreams of possibly his past life as a General and a relationship with a Korean Princess that was going to be the Emperor’s new concubine. As His scientist friend invited him for some investigations in India, his dreams became seemly real and of course our hero would like to get to the bottom of all this mystical possibilities.

Long Story Short:

Story: Lousy tale of mystical proportion.

Action: sequence was the normal JC stuff with some new "scenes"

Actress: Mallika Sherawat was the only good thing going for this movie but sigh, her role was short and unnecessary

Verdict: can give it a miss unless you are a true blue Jackie Chan fan

Sidenote: To Hear The Canto soundtrack in Singapore Cinema bought a smile on my face! When can we watch HK movies in their original language in Singapore?

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