Sunday, September 11, 2005

I shook hands with Jackie Chan

yup ! that right ! and what a way to start my blogging life !

He was here in Singapore with Stanley Tong to promote the film, The Myth and was present for a panel discussion at the Library about Asian Films. More on the talk later !

As he was leaving the hall with his body guards, I followed closely and was in luck when he stop to chat with an old lady, giving her the flowers he received in appreciation for attending the panel discussion. I stood beside the old lady and waited for my chance

Just as he was about to leave, I called out for him and stick out my hand for that golden firm handshake ! Wanted to ask for autograph and photo but it was cleared that he gotto go.

Anyway after so many years of watching his films (classic like Police Story and A Project), I never expect to be so close to him and able to shake his hand ... some sweet to remember and maybe i wanna record this moment with some form of diary and since blog the fad now, that why I started this blog entry! Hope there will be more experience with my idols to share in time to come !

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