Friday, September 23, 2005

Hello there, wat a surprise : )

I got a New HP : ) thanks to my gf, I got a third HP, a MOtorola Razr V3. was told that it's the Best HP of 2005. think this blog is like a wishing well, once i post that i need a new hp, a new hp pop out !

wasn't expecting it at all as i didnt really ask for it ... in fact I was a bit worried when it was given to me becos i never really liked Motorola HP (the last hp brand i would be lookin at) but it looked pretty slick n lots of functions that i dream of having on my HP (plus Loki confirmed it's a good HP too)

my soon to be retired hp, a Nokia 8310 and I was made fun off by the sales ppl when they asked my gf what type of hp that i am using (to see if there was any trade in value) ... zero zip ling 0 kor song , my NOkia 8310 is already a Museum case liao : ( and to tihnk i still can remember the very first time I got it and the rather unhappy incident with Singtel before I left Singapore

anyway my new hp is having it's virgin charge up now and in six hours time, can start playing with it ... recording video, having photos of callers appeared when they call and many many other stuff : ) so feel free to give me a call : ) OH let me take a picture of u so I can see ur face light up on my phone when u call : )

oh yah, will be taking photo of all my 3 HPs : ) yes I only have 3 HPs to my name : Ericsson GF 768 , Nokia 8310 and Motorola Razr V3

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